Misplaced deposits affecting your taxation?

Misplaced deposits affecting your taxation?

In Small and Medium-sized Staffing Companies are using an Accounting Software’s to raise invoices for customers. But, the bigger problem is persisting, because invoices are being raised but many are
missing on tracking the deposits from customers.

As your company would be in a growing stage, you might actually miss on tracking the deposits. On the longer run, this might affect you in your books year-on-year.

You can do it by yourself by just spending an hour in a week on your books. Once you receive the deposits, entering the customer receipt data on time will make your life much easier. And, during the taxation season, you can seamlessly present the right, accurate P & L statements and balance sheets, which becomes crucial for taxation.

Ultimately, a lot of efforts and time will be reduced for you as a business owner or even for your single operative executive who manages the accounts and invoices.

With Nimble Staffing, you can effortlessly track and manage deposits at every stage from your customers.

Ready for more visibility of and control over your deposits? Switch to Nimble Staffing.

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