Is Managing your consultants troublesome for you?

Every IT consulting/staffing company might face issues when it comes to consultant management. As an owner with small, medium or big enterprises, it becomes a daunting task for you or your team members to track timesheets from each consultant.

Moreover, you cannot force the consultants to make the entries all the time by following up telephonically. But then, by automating the timesheet process in Nimble you can overcome this complex situation. As a convenience of reminder and follow-up, you can email timesheet links directly to your consultants notifying them on timesheet submissions.

Seamlessly, consultants can send their timesheets report by just logging to their portal ‘Consultant Login’ instead of being minded numerous times. Nimble simplifies the entire process for you, once the consultant enters the timesheet, within a simple click of a button you can go ahead and approve. After that, you can raise an invoice immediately, everything can be done at your fingertips.

Ensuring the timely Invoicing and evading the delays are to be maintained, as your finances play a predominant role and are responsible for the growth of your company. Timesheets being an underlying factor of all the consulting & staffing businesses, getting an approved timesheet is very crucial for you. By the streamlined timesheet processing, it eases all your consultants, team members as well as your work. At their convenience, consultants can send their timesheets and you can approve at the end of the week or mid of the month ANYTIME ANYWHERE. Ultimately, you can raise invoices in a timely manner to your customers.

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