Compliance Issues bothering your Staffing Business?

Running a Consulting company? Then, you’ve to stay up-to-date on your consultants’ compliance information. Missing on your consultants H-1B Visa extensions and I-94 expires may lead to bigger problems. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has tight terms on Compliance terms, so you got to stay alert on Visa Expiries/Extensions, Immigrant Petitions and Travel & Departure Filing.

On a regular basis, you’ve to view and match monthly or yearly reports between LCA/GC and LCA/YTD. So that nothing goes wrong during the audit time.

But then, relying on age-old methods makes it difficult for you to know which H-1B consultant is falling short on compliance or which Visa needs an extension and if any I-94 is close to expiry. Comparison and preparation of compliance reports manually is not only hectic, but also
prone to errors.

Nimble Staffing alerts you on I-94 and H1-B Visa expiry so that you comply with regulations. Early warnings and customizable reports like LCA vs YTD/LCA (GC) vs YTD helps you in streamlining Compliance filings, avoid I-140 & I-94 rejections, which ultimately makes consultants happy.

Switch to Nimble Staffing today! Stay up-to-date with your consultant’s compliance information.

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