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Why Nimble?

There are many accounting solutions, but all of them primarily focused on people who are accounting savvy and who have time and patience to make sense of the intricacies involved. Is your software fulfilling your specific needs?

Try Nimble Accounting – the software exclusively developed for staffing business owners like you. Nimble delivers critical insights with speed and precision so that you are always on top of information to drive business. Actually you can FEEL THE PULSE OF STAFFING

Jay Talluri
Founder, Chairman and Business Owner

Nimble Accounting

From Our Founder Being an owner of multiple businesses, I always have a problem in consolidating my accounts and seeing them in one place. Whenever I want to make a decision on my business, it was taking at least 3 weeks for my back office people to give me my financial reports. We came up with Nimble Accounting to solve my problem as a business owner. This is not just my problem. It is a problem faced by other business owners as well. So, now, I would like to share Nimble with my fellow business owners.

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